[DWJ] Hathaway?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Wed Apr 2 15:10:46 EDT 2008

Minnow said...
> DWJ might well suggest that a suitable alternative to 'Hathaway, send a
> bus!' is herbal magic, such as she employs when she  wants a 
> parking-place:
> light a cigarette, which can't be smoked on the bus or while actually
> parking a car, and it's sure to cause a bus or a space almost instantly.
> Well, it works for her!

Heh.  I do that too.  I call it the Summon Public Transport Spell.  Not only 
does it summon buses and parking spaces, I've also successfully used it to 
summon trains and key-holders (when we're locked out of the office).  And if 
three friends light up at once at a bus stop, it produces a taxi.  (This 
spell only works if you do it yourself, though - if some random stranger 
lights up at the bus stop, the bus will not arrive.)

On the subject of cat-naming, my current feline is named Severus. 
Previously, I have had Vanyel, Shia, Gandalf, Fitz, Teren, Tazey, Magrat, 
Kyra, Lujan and Arakasi (not all at once, I hasten to add!  Though I did, at 
one point, have 9 felines in the house, which was excessive).

A List-point to anyone who can identify the sources of all of these cat 

(My parents' current cats are called Natasha and Gabriela.  I call them Bold 
and Bad.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
israfel at eircom.net

"Fashion exists for women with no taste, etiquette for people with no 
- Queen Marie of Romania 

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