[DWJ] Hathaway?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 2 06:43:46 EDT 2008

Kathleen wrote:

>Thanks, Liina!
>I was trying to compose a list of cat names using the criteria that
>they had to make it worth standing on the back step and yelling out
>loud. So far I have:
>Bloody Mary
>(Look! 40% DWJ!)
>"Doctor" is also a possibility.

Somebody I know has a cat called 'Dog' for that reason.  He is rather
stupid, a flat-faced English White cat, and there are rumours that he might
be deaf, but if he is it's selective deafness and he assuciates 'Dog' with
'food' and comes at a sedate canter as opposed to his usual stroll.  He
also follows his cohabitants along the terrace where they live, and has to
be called back to the house or he might well catch a bus by accident, so
calling him back is sometimes quite important.

The faces of those who don't know either party when he apparently responds
to his name are worth watching.

DWJ might well suggest that a suitable alternative to 'Hathaway, send a
bus!' is herbal magic, such as she employs when she  wants a parking-place:
light a cigarette, which can't be smoked on the bus or while actually
parking a car, and it's sure to cause a bus or a space almost instantly.
Well, it works for her!


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