[DWJ] Books to avoid

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Sep 7 11:55:38 EDT 2007


>  >Would it do anything to share vicariously in my discovery that the
>>next - and last - Casson family book is out already?  (At least over
>>This Side.) Just wandered into a bookshop and found it sitting there.
>>I thought there'd be much more of a wait before it was out.
>Seriously?  I have to see about getting it.  I wasn't satisfied with _Caddy
>Ever After_, and I'm eager for more.  I need something to read.

Yup, seriously.  I finished it rather late last night, when I should 
have been asleep.  I'm still trying to sort out whether I agree with 
Hilary McKay that it's the best of them.  (I think I linked to this 
on my LJ rather than here already - it's a great interview:  
http://tinyurl.com/2hycom .)  I loved it,  though obviously whether 
that means anything about your response depends on whether the things 
you found unsatisfying about Caddy were the same as the ones I did or 
not...  (Prolonged sleep loss = bad sentence structure.) It's a 
tighter book in some ways, as it's all Rose's POV.  I did miss 
Indigo's voice, as I thought his sections one of the best things 
about Caddy, but Rose is missing him too, and so it's right for 
*this* book. And I found Rose's swings between being manipulative and 
self-centred and being frighteningly selfless and understanding 
deeply moving.  And oh - David...  Yikes.

Anyway, it ends in a way I found very satisfying indeed, and still 
credible for these characters.  And I may know what I think better 
after I've done an LJ write-up.  Or not.

>I should NEVER say that my day is dull again.  Wednesday afternoon, while
>dragging my eldest through a horrible grammar lesson, I was interrupted by
>some neighbor children shouting that they'd brought us a kitten they'd
>rescued.  It turned out to be two weeks old and terrified and tiny, and now
>I am involved (since these kids are the "parents" of our youngest cat and
>they were confident I could figure out what to do, ha, let's hope so) in
>what has a fifty percent chance, according to the vet, of turning out very
>badly indeed.  On the plus side, he's a strong little critter and eats very
>well and purrs like crazy; unfortunately, he seems to be developing an eye
>infection, which is the biggest obstacle we have to overcome.

Poor thing!  (Kitten and you and all the kids involved).  But good 
that he's strong and eating well and obviously happy.


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