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I must sincerely thank you for a delightful find.

I went to Cabinet of Curiosities, then had a look around and clicked  
on 'Neddeth's Bed'.
Fascinated and enthralled, I have been, for the past hour.

What a brilliant idea! And very well written. I'm on tenterhooks,  
cause I can't keep reading till a new post arrives...

I really want to read it, finished and in print.

I'm off to find other marvels, now.



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> On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, Rachel Ganz wrote:
>> I don't know if this link has been put up before, but you might  
>> like to read what the Cabinet of Curiosities (a lovely blog site)  
>> has to say on DWJ.
>> http://cabinet-of-wonders.blogspot.com/2007/08/shameless-fangirl- 
>> post.html
> That's lovely!  Although I take some issue with her statement
> "True, they are technically 'young adult', but I don't see how
> they have to be only young adult, as the stories are interesting
> to everyone." Or rather, I think that's true about most young
> adult literature and a fair amount of children's literature. I
> wish adults pushing children's books didn't feel the need to
> write apologias, explaining how this particular book transcends
> its intended audience. What it reveals, sadly, is ignorance about
> the accessibility of young adult and children's books to adults.
> -deborah, who thinks that on average, children's and young adult
> books are better written than adult
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