[DWJ] FW: DWJ reference in Private Eye

Charles Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 18:09:39 EDT 2007

NG's take on this is given in his blog, 25 September 2001:

"Lots of questions waiting -- a few people want to know whether American
Gods was inspired by Diana Wynne Jones's novel *"8 Days of Luke". *Not
exactly, although they bear an odd relationship, like second cousins once
removed or something. About six or seven years ago, I had an idea for a
structure for a story, all about the gods and the days of the week. I chewed
it and played with it and was terribly happy with it.. And then the penny
dropped, and I realised, gloomily, that I'd managed, working back from first
principles, to come up with a wonderful structure for a story -- but one
that Diana had already used, in her brilliant *"8 Days of Luke."* So I put
it down as one of those places where our heads went to the same sort of
place (it happened with the nursery rhyme *How Many Miles To Babylon*, and
in several other times and places) and, with regret, I abandoned it. Or
almost. I kept Mr Wednesday, and the day of his meeting, in the back of my
head, and when I came to put American Gods together, he was there, ready and

That kind of congruence is an inevitable and happy consequence of admiring
somebody else's work, it seems to me. Tangentiality rather than imitation
may be the sincerest and most fruitful form of flattery.


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