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There actually is quite an interesting book about paper clips; or rather, I
haven't read the book, but I know the story BEHIND the book is fascinating.
(Or rather, "fastenating"?)

 "Six Million Paper Clips", is the name of the book: the true story of a
group of schoolchildren in Tennessee who started a paper clip collection so
they could see with their own eyes how big a number six million is, after
learning that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. People mailed
them paper clips from all over the world. The collection is now installed as
a permanent memorial (they expanded it to 11 million paper clips, for all
victims of the Nazis, including non-Jews). So, you see, paper clips can be

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Melissa's list reminds me of another that was posted (on this list? I can't
remember) a couple of years ago. It still makes me chuckle - but then I'm a
very simple pimple.


Springtime? Taxtime!

The New Drapes

Let's All Have a Bottle of Water!

The Two Weeks After Christmas

Staring at Your Shoes and Other Games

The Big Book of Paper Clips

One Wall, Two Walls, Three Walls, Four!

Mom Folds the Towels and Then Puts Them Away

B Is for Beige

The Long Drive to the Small Town to Visit Childless Relatives

Sally Finds a Stick


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