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Aimee said...

> And for everyone to know, I've just finished 'The Innocent Mage' and  have 
> thoroughly enjoyed it. Karen Miller does real wonders with  dialogue, and 
> I am truly involved in the story. Apparently it and the  sequel are in the 
> bestseller lists in the UK and US, so has anyone  else read it? Don't give 
> away the ending... I haven't read the second  in the duology...

I read "The Innocent Mage" and really enjoyed it too.  I have the second 
book, but haven't yet read it - my husband swiped it while I was distracted 
by "The Court of the Air" (by Stephen Hunt).  I'm in the middle of that at 
the moment, and would definitely recommend it - steampunk with very good 
worldbuilding, a lovely array of quirky characters, and a complicated plot.

> Oh. THANKYOU to all the people who raved about EVA IBBOTSON! I have  just 
> read - and adored - my first, 'The Star of Kazan'. How  beautiful! I 
> really want to go to Vienna, now. Sit in someone's  kitchen. Eat pastries. 
> Walk in the park. What endearing touches of  humour and detail!

I like "The Star of Kazan", but I think I got a bit spoiled for Ibbotsen by 
reading "A Countess Below Stairs" (currently available under the title "The 
Secret Countess"), which I love more than any other of her books.

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