[DWJ] Neil Gaiman, Eva Ibbotson, Margo Lanagan, Karen Miller...

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 08:10:54 EDT 2007


Some people have all the fun.

This from Karen Miller (Australian author)'s blog:

"I'm currently organising my flights to the US/UK for next August.  
I'm going to Worldcon in Denver, plus New York and London and of  
course Stratford to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet.  
If it turns out Orbit thinks there's a point to organising any  
booksignings in either country, I'll let you know well ahead of time."


One day. One day I will have things like this to write in my blog.

(UK: just promise me. Promise me you'll still have cool stuff  
happening when I get there.)

And for everyone to know, I've just finished 'The Innocent Mage' and  
have thoroughly enjoyed it. Karen Miller does real wonders with  
dialogue, and I am truly involved in the story. Apparently it and the  
sequel are in the bestseller lists in the UK and US, so has anyone  
else read it? Don't give away the ending... I haven't read the second  
in the duology...

Oh. THANKYOU to all the people who raved about EVA IBBOTSON! I have  
just read - and adored - my first, 'The Star of Kazan'. How  
beautiful! I really want to go to Vienna, now. Sit in someone's  
kitchen. Eat pastries. Walk in the park. What endearing touches of  
humour and detail!

I am currently in the middle of Margo Lanagan's short story  
collection 'Black Juice' and it takes my breath away. Literally.
"Singing My Sister Down" and "Red Nose Day" are my favourites so far.

And last night I listened to 'A Study in Emerald' - the free audio  
story by Neil Gaiman, read by Neil. Fantastic. I really should stop  
being amazed. I already *know* he's a genius. But wow, just the same.  
Every time.

So really, *I've* been having all the fun!



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