[DWJ] Ballet?

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Well, it did work fine with the cuts. It basically focussed on Aunt Maria working through the Mrs Urs to control everybody in 
town and groom Mig as her successor. The ballet began with Antony Green and Aunt Maria's daughter Naomi in the woods, first 
smooching then struggling over the green box, and she locks him under the mound (the video screen was pretty useful here, 
showing woods and the mound and him underground), then the screen shows a postcard to Betty, Chris and Mig from Aunt Maria, 
saying "come to Cranbury on Sea for a spell" (ha ha). We didn't miss Dad at all because the ghost and Aunt Maria's 
possessiveness over the mysterious green box and Mum's weird behaviour were all the clues Mig and Chris needed to know 
something was up. I thought the wolf hunt worked particularly well in music and dance, but overall it was a great show.


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> How does Black Maria work without Dad?
> How does the plot GO?
> Sallyo

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