[DWJ] A ballet of Black Maria

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Oct 15 07:27:57 EDT 2007

Jane wrote

>Will she be at the matinee?  I'm thrilled at the thought that she might -
>it's a very small theatre, so she will be very close.  Anyone else here who
>will be at the Q&A session?

My information was faulty: the old Navy motto "haven't you heard?  It's all
been changed" has come into play, or something.  I apologise.  What I was
told was more than a week out of date...

Diana and her husband John are going (unless her health is completely
grunged, crossed fingers that doesn't happen) but to the later performance
not the matinee, because the Powers That Be want her to meet the theatre
people, and they'll all be busy before the second performance.  So she will
be at the Q&A session and the performance after it.  When she gets back to
Bristol is *anyone's* guess.  :-)

But you'll be very close at the Q&A session, won't you?

>I'll have two kids with me, so I'll be easily spotted - 8 year old girl with
>long blond hair and 10 year old going on teenager boy with long ginger hair.
>He's very into music - will Tom be there?

Tom is down to interview DWJ at the Q&A session, so it seems likely he'll
be there.

>Adam has enjoyed Chrestomanci,
>but would be far more thrilled by meeting a composer.  (My DWJ wouldn't mind
>that at all, but one reason I hardly ever go to author events is that they
>don't usually live up to my picture of them - I'm getting nervous already!)

The DWJ I know wouldn't mind at all; she'd probably be chuffed to bits that
Tom had someone interested in him more than in her, in fact.  She's a Real
Person and a Good Thing, mostly, you know.  Do be not-nervous.

The only thing is that it might be a good idea to suggest gently that
asking her what she thinks of Harry Potter may not be the best thing to
do... apparently someone did, at Cheltenham yesterday, and her patience
snapped slightly to the point at which her reply was, "Not a lot, to be
honest.  They're so badly written", which was a bit of a facer for the
person who asked!  She feels sorry she did it, because it was unkind to the
person doing the asking, but not very sorry because she's honest and says
what she thinks sometimes and tact be blowed.

Like I said, a Real Person.  She's one of the very few authors I know of
whom I can truly say that I love the books *and* like the person who wrote
them: mostly I love the books and live without the author, or like the
author and have to be polite about the books.


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