[DWJ] authors' thoughts on knowing

Meyers, Katherine Katherine_Meyers at brown.edu
Tue Oct 9 01:17:04 EDT 2007

Last week I heard Kelly Link and M.T. Anderson read from their work and answer questions, and they said some fascinating things, which I wish I could remember better so I could share.  But one thing I remember them saying was about how some readers like having knowledge in a book and some like not knowing-- so a mystery might be most interesting when it's not solved, because you might like not knowing, or the Blair Witch Project is interesting the first time you watch it because you don't know what will happen.  They seemed to connect this with the fantasy genre and why they like it, saying that it can made the familiar seem unfamiliar, so that you know less.  Of course they were much more articulate and said much more, but it made me think about why I love Hexwood so much, and DWJ.  I enjoy Hexwood partly because I know so little idea about what's going on.  The thing is, normally this might annoy me.  I think it makes it easier that the characters have such little idea about what's going on, too, and we figure it out together.  I guess I am a reader who likes knowing things as well, because I think that a reason I like DWJ is that the endings have closure, that I know enough about what happened to the characters not to go crazy, though I can still imagine what happens next.  Any thoughts?

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