[DWJ] Re:LMB silly story regarding 'Winterfair Gifts'

devra at aol.com devra at aol.com
Fri Nov 2 20:42:05 EDT 2007

Originally, this was to have been published in October or November, but the publishers decided to hold it and make it a Valentine's Day publication. Boo on them.

However, this did not include the foreign rights publications, and Lois has a BIG fan following in Croatia. Therefore, the actual first publication was in Croatian.

And darn, didn't some of Lois' fans find a Croatian-speaking fan to do a translation for them, so that a fan-published (probably illegal) version of it was distributed prior to the official send-off.

I had a copy of it, and it was pretty close to the official version.? Wonder where it is now....


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