[DWJ] Free books

Jane Scarlett mail at janescarlett.com
Fri Nov 2 06:16:32 EDT 2007

One of the first messages I received when I joined the list was from someone
who had a spare copy of the Tough Guide to Fantasyland going free.  Thank
you again to whoever it was.


To keep up the tradition, I have spare copies of the Skivers Guide (DWJ) and
Ethan of Athos (LMB) which I will send anywhere in the UK - first come first
served.  I give due warning though - the Skivers Guide has some kind of
reverse magic about it.  The book was lost for months (hidden by Laura for a
Christmas present for me, then she couldn't find it) and only turned up
after intensive tidying of her bedroom.  NOT the desired effect at all:-)



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