[DWJ] Totally OT: Who is blogging?

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Mon May 28 01:29:54 EDT 2007

I'm another one who doesn't blog but does have an LJ.  I use it mainly to
keep in touch with my college social group.  I admit to posting in it more
than I expected I would when I first got it, albeit not frequently
compared to some, largely to talk about things which interest me but seem
to mostly bore my friends ;-).  Starting in August, I'm going to be in
China for a year and will probably post about that (I would assume, since
it will be about work, friendslocked), which may be somewhat more
interesting, although I worry that I have trouble writing about reality in
interesting ways.

Hallie's point about unique names and semi-public places is a good one, so
you will have to e-mail me off-list if, for some reason, you think you
want to read my LJ.  Or you can check the DWJ community - if you read
through the entire member list, it should be obvious which one is me ;-).


"I did indeed find a bunch of kittens in a drawer once. Fortunately for
me, the drawer was empty beforehand, because there was also a lot of
vagina in it.

Edit: PLACENTA. I meant... placenta. o.O"
						---Maritza Campos

On Sat, 26 May 2007, Robyn Starkey wrote:

> If you show me yours, I'll (maybe) show you mine. Really, this is totaly
> prurient curiosity. I am doing some thinking and reading about blogging,
> and I just was wondering if any of you were doing the blog thing.
> robyn
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