[DWJ] shelving (was Film Rights and miscellaneous rants.)

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Wow!! I'd be suprised if had more than a metre of DWJ, in my library and I'm not missing much (but only one copy of each) it's very hard to tell as the paperbacks are shelved three deep with the hardcovers lying two deep on top of them. Just not enough shelf space - or if I had enough shelves - floor space. The library is in the basement - which in our house is still 6 metres off the ground with a creek flowing underneath when it rains, and only has a space 4 metres by 5 and a half metres, not nearly enough space for 10,000 books which is why there are extra bookcases in the living room, the dining room, two of the bedrooms and the laundry, plus piles of books in every other room in the house. My library at school has the fiction section taking up about a third of the space, but I have many more fiction books of my own at home cramped along one wall. Hmmm, pity I enjoy cooking or perhaps we could get rid of the kitchen. Unfortunately my wife is an artist so the rest of the
 house is dominated by artworks in progress (we haven't seen the surface of the dining table in years) or "stuff" that may emerge as artwork at some time. One of her latest long term projects is to create an artwork using books (I wonder what inspired that?) for which she has aquired some 2000 books!  At least that's more savoury than the decaying roadkill echidnas in the back yard, also intended for an artwork.


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Just under nine feet.  With *cough* some duplicates.  I might be a bit of a completeist.  Or obsessive collector...

Judge for yourselves: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=52qbiae

Full size if you want to see all the titles: http://tinypic.com/fullsize.php?pic=52qbiae


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    deborah wrote:
    >ObDWJ: Er. DWJ takes up rather a lot of shelf space?
    Just over five foot, but that's with one or two duplications.
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