[DWJ] Langford on Potter

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu May 24 06:06:44 EDT 2007

>Minnow wondered:
>>The Langford having perpetrated a book called  *The End Of Harry Potter?*,
>>I went and had a look at some (favourable, he wouldn't be pointing us at
>>the other sort) reviews.
>>I wanna know, has anyone here read it, and is it the Pure Langford or has
>>he had to be too serious?
>>P'raps I ought to read Langford *before* the Potter Saga?  Anyone?

and Jennifer Rowland wrote:

[some stuff that convinces me I am going to enjoy it, which I'd suspected
but it's good to have it confirmed]

>I don't think it's quite Langfordish enough to be worth reading before the
>books, probably, and you probably also won't get the full joy of the parody
>endings unless you know the Potter characters. But it'd certainly be a
>welcome break after book five or six of what I seem to remember is your
>planned read-the-whole-damn-lot-in-a-week binge.

Ah!  Publication-order bingeing.  Yes, that makes sense.  If I read it
before I know he is wildly out in his mock-prophecy, it'll be more
entertaining.  Thanks.

>(The bit in ellipses is where I linked to a couple of people whose essays
>about Potter are online and, I think, have a similar level of rigour to this
>book, including JOdel's Red Hen site [1]. Langford is definitely funnier,

I suspect that last sentence of being either a redundancy or a litotes.
:-)   Langford is *always* funnier.  Unless we are talking about Paul
Jennings, in which case it may be a toss-up.


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