[DWJ] Film Rights and miscellaneous rants.

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu May 24 01:43:22 EDT 2007

Kyla Mackay-Smith wrote:

>I'm assumimg that a good part of the success of Princess Bride is because
>William Goldman is both an author and a screen writer, and he did the
>adaptation of his own book, knowing what sorts of things work in movies
>and what sorts of things work in books.
Goldman actually worked on getting the Princess Bride made into a film 
for years and years - he talks about it in his memoirs, the name of 
which escapes me. I guess that is maybe one of the keys to why it is 
such a fabulous film; essentially, he had a number of deals, but waited 
until the perfect one came along.


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