[DWJ] shelving (was Film Rights and miscellaneous rants.)

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu May 24 01:32:38 EDT 2007

Jenny Schwartzberg wrote:
> I'm in awe of both of you!  I have all of DWJ's books 
and lots of Oz books but certainly not that many meters
for each one.  Although I have to confess most of my
collection is currently boxed up for lack of shelf space.
If I ever get lucky enough to unbox and shelve everything
I would guess that the children's books alone would be
over 10,000 books but then it's the result of the 42
years I've been alive and collecting....
> Jenny

Gosh, that's more than two Bryants* of books.  Wow!  I
had about 2500, but I succumbed to two great book purges
and now I have around 1200.  I regret both purges.


* http://www.dendarii.com/bujold_lst.html#bryant

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