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Wed May 23 08:40:34 EDT 2007

Sallyo replied to deborah

>> ObDWJ: Er. DWJ takes up rather a lot of shelf space?
>Lots of column centimetres in my on-line library catalogue, too.  As do
>Trease, Anthony, Heinlein and Heyer... Who in the world has the greatest
>number of books by one author, I wonder? It WOULD have been Isaac A, I would
>think. I wonder if his widow inherited his collection?

How about Lionel Fanthorpe, if one took everything into account under every
possible name?  At one point in the early sixties he was producing a novel
a week for twenty-five quid per book for Badger Books, and if he kept one
copy of each...

*Who's Hugh* lists a mere twenty-eight pseudonyms for him, but I'm sure
there are more if he could remember them!  His entry in *The Encyclopedia
of Science Fiction* has a list of books under different names running to
about forty-eight column centimetres (or nineteen column inches in old
money) of smallish print, and that isn't one book per line.


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