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Mon May 21 16:25:48 EDT 2007

Melissa said...

>In general, authors have to ask for right of veto, as I understand it.  At
>least that was the buzz about the Harry Potter movies--that Rowling had
>negotiated an unprecedented level of control, or something like that.

Not entirely unprecedented; I believe Anne Rice got similar control over the 
film of "Interview with the Vampire" (and used it to smack Tom Cruise into 
doing what she wanted!).  But generally it is true that authors get 
bugger-all control over movies of their books, and film-makers *hate* giving 
them any.

>And, again, I just hope they paid Cooper a whole lot of money.

I don't know what the going rate for film rights is (or was when Cooper sold 
them), but I doubt she got massive sums.

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