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Kyla Mackay-Smith kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Mon May 21 12:02:43 EDT 2007

On Tue, 22 May 2007, Sally Odgers wrote:

> ODWJM... Sophie produces.... a kitten/boy, Morgan (good Welsh name), but I
> wonder what Maree and Rupert or Polly and Tom would have?

Huh. That's odd--I can completely picture Maree and Rupert with kids (love
the image of Nick overwhelmed by toddlers), but the idea of Polly and Tom
with kids seems utterly implausible. And yet Polly and Maree are much the
same age in their books (well, at the end). Perhaps it's because we don't
see Maree age, such that she's more of an adult throughout the book, and
her big-sisterly attitude toward Nick translates to plausibility as a
mother? Does anyone else have this problem?

Related question: will Zillah have more children? I love the stuff about
motherhood and toddlers in A Sudden Wild Magic--it has such a ring of
truth about it. And the starfish hand (now that's a statistically
improbable phrase if ever I heard one).

Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.
       --Jessamyn West

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