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From: Minnow 

EGH wrote a fine ramble, with which I agree, and ended

>I'm not drawing any judgements, just saying.  I enjoy fantasy movies and
>would hate to see the fantasy movie die out, but I often wish that
>screenwriters would start coming up with their own plots rather than
>looking to beloved books that simply will not be happily squished into
>only 2 hours of screen time.  Regardless of changes in universe,
>characterization, names, or mythical creatures.

*The Birds* was from ashort story, wasn't it?  Maybe the short story is the
written form that is best filmed.

There have been quite a few SF movies based on short stories (mostly by Phil Dick or Ike Asimov it seems) which are often OK because it is easier to ignore the short story it is based on, and just sit back and enjoy the movie. With fantasy there are perhaps fewer short stories, but mostly I think the filmakers seeing the success of LOTR and HP in film are desperately trying to turn whatever multivolume fantasy epic they can get the rights to into a movie. I'm glad Peter Jackson put all those commentaries onto the DVDs of LOTR as he often explains exactly why changes from the book had to be made. 
The Birds is great example of a short story being turned into a brilliant movie. Incidently for fans of Hitchcock's adaptations of DuMaurier stories the US version of Jamaica Inn is ten minutes shorter than the British one and cuts some important plot elements.


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