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On May 19, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Minnow wrote:

> He did other, better writing than the Sherlock Holmes stories, in my 
> view.

I'm quite fond of _The White Company_ and _Sir Nigel_.  I owned for a
while, but don't think I ever read, the Napoleonic {?} one.

> I never liked the way he cheats and doesn't give the reader the 
> information
> needed, and then Holmes says, "Ah, Watson, you failed to appreciate the
> importance of the yellow bandana" and the reader says "*What* yellow
> bandana?" and is told (via Holmes) that a particular (fictional) 
> criminal
> gang use these as a recognition symbol, and the dead man had one in his
> pocket but Holmes pinched it before Watson arrived in order to use it
> himself to infiltrate the gang.  Yes, I know, that's an exaggeration 
> but
> not all that much of a one.

That's a great deal of what I dislike about the Holmes stories as well.

> My main objection to the Continuing Chrestomanci Series would be that
> whereas DWJ has the sense to have Himself appearing as a part of 
> someone
> else's story rather than being centre-stage all the time, if somebody 
> else
> were writing him he wouldn't be incidental, he'd have to be central, 
> and it
> would become very dull after the third or fourth book.

Your point is very well taken.  I'm glad that the copyright laws 
mean that I will be dead before the Continuing Chrestomanci Series will
become a problem.

However, perhaps she should trademark the name, just to be sure.


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