[DWJ] Bujold w/spoiler

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Sun May 20 14:47:14 EDT 2007

On Sunday 20 May 2007 16:41, Robyn Starkey wrote:
> Mark Allums wrote:
> > Don't expect the book any time soon.  She still has two more books in 
> > her Sharing Knife universe to write,
> Couldn't she not? I am an avid Bujold fan, but that Sharing Knife book 
> just blew  - so Mills and Boon, and not even a complete story.

I /liked/ _Beguilement_. It was a bit of a shock to realise that the end
wasn't the finish, but I've survived that before (Ms McKillip, I'm looking
at /you/); the real worry is that with a whole book to work in, a lot of
bad things could happen. Fortunately LMB doesn't usually play the
unreliability game.

PS I have completed /The Game/. Have we started?

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