[DWJ] Bujold (now w/o spoilers)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun May 20 14:45:56 EDT 2007

>Minnow wondered...
>> Which are the three Chalion books, please?
>> *The Spirit Ring*
>> *The Curse of Chalion*
>> *Paladin of Souls*  (which blast and drat it I don't own so I am unsure of
>> the title)

Dorian rescued me:

>"The Spirit Ring" is a stand-alone (and one of her very early works).
>The Chalion books are "The Curse of Chalion", "Paladin of Souls" and "The
>Hallowed Hunt" - though the last one does not take place in Chalion, but in
>a neighbouring country.

Thanks, Dorian.  I haven't yet encountered *The Hallowed Hunt*, which
explains why I was rather confused.   I don't have *The Spirit Ring* and I
can't remember it except as being a slightly standard-fantasy with
inanimate objects that are full of Spirit, or words to that effect, and I
really couldn't remember whether it was in the Chalion-world or not.

>Unlike Deborah, I like "The Hallowed Hunt" quite a lot, but I find I have to
>be in the right mood to read that one.  The same goes for "Paladin of
>Souls", but I can read "The Curse of Chalion" any time.

When I have finished reading the rather more delightful (first) version of
T.H.White's *The Ill-Made Knight* than the one that appears in the
collected *Once and Future King* -- why, I ask plaintively, did that man
feel such an obligation to re-write his books all the time? -- I think I
may just re-read *The Curse of Chalion* again and see whether it still
makes me go "gosh!"  It has three times so far, and I really *must* get
hold of the other two so I can try the again-treatment with Paladin and
think about Hunt.


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