[DWJ] Bujold (now w/o spoilers)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun May 20 12:19:56 EDT 2007

>> Mark Allums wrote:
>>> Don't expect the book any time soon.  She still has two more books in her
>>> Sharing Knife universe to write,

Robyn Starkey wrote:

>> Couldn't she not? I am an avid Bujold fan, but that Sharing Knife book just
>> blew  - so Mills and Boon, and not even a complete story.

deborah wrote:

>Yeah, I *like* mass market romance, so I liked the story --
>clssic romance arc as written by Bujold -- but even then, there
>was no excuse for it to be half a book.  *grumps*

I just wished that someone here had warned me in time so I could wait for
the rest to be published before I read the first part of this novel.
(Nobody expects one to read the first half of a book and then wait a year
or two for the second any more, too nineteenth century daaahlings.)

>I'd ask for more Chalion books but I thought the third one was
>decidedly mediocre.  Though I loved the first two to death.

Different books hit different people where they live, I suppose.  Which we
have probably noticed before.

Which are the three Chalion books, please?

*The Spirit Ring*
*The Curse of Chalion*
*Paladin of Souls*  (which blast and drat it I don't own so I am unsure of
the title)


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