[DWJ] Announcing new listbaby

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Sun May 20 03:54:10 EDT 2007

What great news! Congratulations!!

Of the books you've read, I'm in the middle of reading _Gifts_, the first in
the series of which _Voices_ is the third; and Transformation, which I
loved. Oh, and _The Game_, of course!

Have you been able to nurse and feed at the same time? 


<< Haggai, born Sunday May 13th, birthweight 2.7 kilos. He is an adorable
little frogling who keeps me up at impossible hours nursing.
ObDWJ: Haggai was kind enough to afford me the opportunity to catch up on a
lot of my reading. I spent much of the last month of my pregnancy in the ER
and/or hospitalised for high blood pressure, during which I would have been
bored senseless had I not been able to read:

Pratchett binge... contributing to the random order in which I have so far
read this book.

LADY FRIDAY by Garth Nix. The Keys to the Kingdom series I think is
brilliant, but this particular title seemed a bit treading water to me...

THE GAME by Diana Wynne Jones. Are we discussing this yet?

THE MERRYBEGOT by Julie Hearn. In many ways a very good book, but the end a
bit too deus ex machina for my taste...

PETER AND THE SHADOW THIEVES by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Not even sure
why I read this, given that I disliked PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS, and
extremely disliked the whole attempt to rationalise Peter Pan. I guess I'm a
completist of sorts. This one was perhaps marginally better than its
prequel, but that's not saying much.

CELANDINE by Steve Augard - this was recommended to me by someone on this
list and purchased during my last trip to London. I agree, a terrific book,
but I wish I had known it was the second in a trilogy!

VOICES by Ursula LeGuin - Excellent. Then I discovered it is also the third
in a trilogy, but this time I have no one to blame but myself...

THE CHRONOLITHS by Robert Charles Wilson. Good stuff, though slightly
depressing. I read this in Hebrew, one of the books published by the
publishing house I now work for.

TRANSFORMATION by Carol Berg. Even better. Also one of the books published
by Graff publishing house which I read in Hebrew.

While I was in hospital, the translator handed in her draft of ARCHERS GOON
in Hebrew, scheduled to be our third YA title after SABRIEL and JOURNEY TO
THE RIVER SEA. We also recently bought rights to translate two more books
that were recommended to me by people on this mailing list: FLY BY NIGHT and
the first book in the Percy Jackson series.

I can't believe I managed to write all this before the baby woke up. He's
still breathing, phew. Will it be pushing my luck to try taking a shower...?

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