[DWJ] DIR latest

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri May 18 18:29:56 EDT 2007

>For those friends of the Light who haven't been following events in
>Huntercombe (nr Bucharest) recently...
>Not to be read by those of a nervous disposition!

Or accessed by anyone with an old web-browser.

nineteen minutes to download an A4 page of text and 2.7mb of pretty
pictures that didn't actually open and show themselves.


Charlie, next time could you maybe just grab the text and post it?

Slightly on topic, as being about turning books into televsion serieses or
films: they perpetrated a "The Coral Island" TV thing once.  Ralph was the
son of the Governor of the Colony in Sydney, being sent home to go to Eton;
Little Peterkin was a sneak-thief who turned up trying to steal the spoons
in Ralph's father's mansion; Jack was an illiterate thug who blackmailed
Ralph.  I gave up watching at that point, having gone round to a friend's
house specially to see it because I found the book fun when I was younger.

How about the film of *Swallows and Amazons* in which Mother accuses John
of lying and takes Captain Flint's side?  That one was a real "why oh why
oh why?" moment for me.


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