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On 18/05/07, Charles Butler <charles.hannibal at gmail.com> wrote:
> For those friends of the Light who haven't been following events in
> Huntercombe (nr Bucharest) recently...
> http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=news&id=10283.
> Not to be read by those of a nervous disposition!

(hmm...before I start: who is the cutie in the first picture...is she
the "love interest"?)

Having just been through this with "The Dresden Files", a series of
books currently half-way through the planned run of 20 volumes (o.O
;-) which was adapted for TV, I feel somewhat qualified to
comment...and it might not be as dark as you seem to fear.

In TDF, the title character, Harry Dresden (the only wizard in the
Yellow Pages) was given a hockey stick instead of his staff; was given
a drum stick instead of his "blasting rod" (a smaller more focused
version of the staff); he was given a jeep to drive instead of his
beloved VW Beetle (named the "Blue Beetle"). Two support characters
were swapped in appearance: little sparky Irish cop Karrin Murphy was
played by a tall Latino actress (and they changed her name because
there is actually a "Karyn Murphy" who works for the Chicago police
force ;-) and tall smouldering Susan, Harry's main love interest in
the early books, was played by a short blonde who appeared in only one

Even worse, Bob the sex-crazed air-elemental who lives in a skull was
played by an actor and turned into a ghost!

The reaction was pure and simple nerdfury.

The extensive changes were debated over acres of threadage and
sparking not a few flame wars. People stamped their feet and sputtered
righteous indignation.

And you know what? The TV series is very very different to the
books...and yet is extremely fun in its own right. Harry is played
brilliantly by Paul Blackthorne, who is very nearly tall enough (Harry
should be 6'7" tall which was the main reason for the change of
vehicle) and Bob is played by Terrance Mann...'nuff said.

One person came up with a wonderful way of explaining the difference:
the books are Harry's autobiography; the TV series is where he sold
the rights to Hollywood to pay the rent.

I have to say that, much as would have been necessary for an
"accurate" translation of TDF to the screen, TDIR would require
high-quality CGI to do it justice.

You can bet I'm watching Sanctuary *very* closely ;-)
....who doesn't normally delurk quite as loudly as this, but the
subject tweaked my interest >:)
...should I use more footnotes? as a Wikipedian in good standing, what
about a few citations? ^_^

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