[DWJ] The weight discussion

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Fri May 18 16:41:46 EDT 2007

Otter Perry wrote:
> Okay.  Enough is enough.  I can hear people talk about their
> weight and about my weight and so on everywhere in the
> world.  And I know I participated.
> But can we drop it here?  Just a plaintive request.  You don't
> have to comply, of course, because I'm perfectly capable of
> using my delete key.
> But if it's got nothing to do with DWJ or kidlit in general,
> I think it should go.

On the Bujold list, we call that a "Pizza" call.  There are two reasons 
to shut down a thread.  One, if it is off topic and has been lingering 
too long (more than three days), it is called an OT3 call; and two, if 
the thread has become a flame wars, or about to become one, Pizza can be 
called.  The etiquette is that Pizza be seconded twice.  If there are at 
least three people who think the topic should be closed, then we all try 
to restrain ourselves from further posting.  OT3 topics can be revived 
after some time has passed (generally two weeks), if there remains some 
interest in the topic.

I'm not suggesting we adopt either of those policies.  Just showing you 
how these things can be handled.  The LMB list is larger, and thus is 
potentially unwieldy.  They have developed those rules to help the list 
go without a moderator.  It is self-moderating.  And it works fairly well.

But if, in the future, someone calls Pizza, I will know what you mean.

--Mark A.

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