[DWJ] Re: architects was Sacking the maids...

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri May 18 11:42:40 EDT 2007

Farah wrote:

>Surely the "best" example is the French national library in Paris.
>The librarians' offices are in the basement.
>The books are in glass towers each designed to look like an open book.
>The librarians went on strike over the lack of daylight.
>They have had to fit the towers with curtains to protect the books.
>In constrast, the British Library at Kings Cross St. Pancras is becoming one
>of the best loved major libraries in the western world, against all
>expectation. Most of the complaints are about the lighting in the cafe
>bars--it never occured to the architects that people would actually come to
>the library to *write* in the coffee bars.

I have a vague memory that someone I know who works for the BL said that
they (you don't have to believe it) did actually ask the people using and
working in the old building what they thought a library ought to be like
before they did the final designs.

Maybe that's an urban myth, though.  I'd need to check with him and make sure.


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