[DWJ] The weight discussion--and on to Frances Hardinge

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With a quick veer back to children's literature

Frances Hardinge's new book, _Verdigris Deep_, has a character who--it is
clearly conveyed--is fat, without Hardinge once using the word.

For those who read Fly By Night, Verdigris Deep is utterly different and
also brilliant. For the rest, I find myself thinking of DWJ's earlier books,
possibly Eight Days of Luke and The Ogre Downstairs. Hardinge is using the
same screwball fantasy structure I associate with DWJ and also possesses her
wit and insight. I want to quote huge chunks but will settle for this one.
They are at a cocktail party and Ryan's mother has just spoken very loudly.

"Despite her terrible timing, at that moment the sight of his mother,
brandhishing a vol au vent with one hand and firmly grasping the wrong end
of the stick with the other, filled Ryan with a painful surge of love and
pride." (116)

I really can't recommend Hardinge's work highly enough.


On 18/05/07, Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> wrote:
> Okay.  Enough is enough.  I can hear people talk about their
> weight and about my weight and so on everywhere in the
> world.  And I know I participated.
> But can we drop it here?  Just a plaintive request.  You don't
> have to comply, of course, because I'm perfectly capable of
> using my delete key.
> But if it's got nothing to do with DWJ or kidlit in general,
> I think it should go.
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