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On 18/05/07, Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at proffitt.com> wrote:
> Well, yes.  But when I read about the 900+ pound man who has to be
> airlifted
> out of his bed, I really really wonder how one could possibly consume that
> many calories.  I tend to eat more than I should (and I am positively
> addicted to Coke) but even so...basically, human physiology is astounding,
> isn't it?

But the problem is that it isn't in one go. Weight gain can be incremental
and if your metabolism really wants to put on weight you are stuffed. My
best friend at University, Rachel, got friends to watch what she ate on
holiday, She did not cheat (and they were sharing a room). They ate burgers,
She ate vegetables, She put on weight. Finally her doctor got round to
asking about her mother's weight. Rachel simply lost the genetic lottery.
Her mother cycles *everywhere* and is still at the high end of fat.

Until five years ago I was gaining a few pounds every year. I have failed
completely to stop that but have turned it into muscle instead. On my own
turf I go to the gym three times a week.

I am lactose intolerant and celiac so you can forget 90% of fattening foods.
I don't much like sugar so that's most of that gone. I cut my orange juice
with two thirds water in an attempt to keep the calories down. I drink at
most a glass of wine a week except for about four monhts of the year when I
eat once a week with a close friend and come closer to three glasses of
wine. I used to have the occassional Mars Bar if stranded at work but they
are no longer gluten free (grrr), so chocolate intake might be a small bar
of Organic Green and Black once a week.

Apart from that, breakfast is one or two slices of gluten free toast with
salami, lunch is a sandwich if in work, or meat and veg if at home. Dinner
is meat and veg at home. I rarely eat potatoes or rice in the house because
I need to reserve the carbs for lunch in particular. If I snack, it's either
fruit or home made popcorn.

My trainer tried to cut my calories only to realise that there really is
nothing to cut. The brutal truth is that if I stop going to the gym, and
restrict my exercise to the minimum hour a day I walk (and I walk everywhere
I can), I will put on weight, and keep putting on weight. My partner also
walks an hour and twenty minutes every day, eats reasonably well but his
office culture leans towards Friday night drinking, and the extra calories
from two pints of beer and a couple of whiskies is just enough to push his
weight up.


One day I want time to be bored.

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