[DWJ] Catching up after a long long lurk

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 21:45:29 EDT 2007

I've just been reading a whole load of list
digests in one go and I can't think why I ever
let it go for so long. 

I'm not sure if I really qualify as a lurker
having been a very prolific poster at one time (I
came second only to Gili when someone totted up a
month's posts irrc). It's great to see how well
you all carry on in my absence heh heh.

I'm beginning to despair of ever catching up at
the moment. I may have only eight digests to go
but those have appeared in the last two
days......... (I like ellipsis by the way).

I have to sleep sometime so I thought I'd stop
reading to post a few things arising from the 60
odd digests I've read in the last couple of days.

First some congratulations to Dorian and Patrick,
Ika and Jenny, Kylie and Norah, Ania and Romanov.
Yes Romanov is a great name, I have had  a couple
of cats named after emperors myself -- not that
this Romanov is actually named after those
Romanovs but still. 

A random thought culled from a couple of threads:
number fourish in dwj's list about children's
fiction is that children have no interest in
sociology and yet sociology is something Dwj
tends to get right. For example the MacCreadys
are almost a textbook example of the rising
middle class from the turn of the century (Oh
dear I mean the penultimate turn of the century
don't I?). Right down to the family owning a
small grocer's shop, a classic first step on the

Flute and Fiddler -- with spoiler space

I want to equate them with Castor and Pollux,
originally one mortal and one immortal twin, born
from a single egg following Zeus' seduction of
Leda (Zeus being a swan at the time). Following
the battlefield death of the mortal one, Castor,
his brother Pollux petitioned to share his
immortality so they get to spend alternate  days
on Olympus and in Hades. Hence one stands in the
light and one in the dark. This would give Flute
an extra strong reason to steer  Hayley  away
from that particular strand of the mythosphere of

On preoccupied parents like Conrad's mother, as
well as her hypocrisy in attempting to consign
her daughter to the kind of female bondage she
rails against I get the impression that her books
are not actually very good. I was reminded of
Esther Freud, daughter of painter Lucian. From
certain father daughter relationships she
portrays I rather got the impression that she
thinks one should be a lot more pissed off about
parental neglect if the work for which  one is
negelcted for were not so self evidently
worthwhile! Now, which author was it that put a
pair of shoes in the oven while in the throes of
writing? Obdwj reference there.


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