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Thu May 17 16:35:57 EDT 2007

>>> BTW, if you wrote a fat child character who scurried about doing 
>>> things, wouldn't that be falsifying reality a bit? Most fat kids I 
see (and I
>>> mean FAT, not just a little bit soft in the middle) move slowly.

>>Actually, I know plenty of fat athletes, dancers, runners, etc.

>I think you should define what you mean by fat.

I think you might be better off defining what you mean by lively. 
There's a long way between lively=athletic and lively=restless figeter.

There are the kids who are out climbing hills and playing hard at 
games, and there are the kids who can't settle down and be still. But 
the 2nd group don't necessarily burn that many calories, and they sure 
don't necessarily end up thin. But you can't properly call them *lazy* 
because they obviously are not.

And can you really say that people who go in for activities that depend 
upon fine small-muscle activity are lazier than the ones who go in for 
the broad large-muscle activities? It's just as much *work* to focus on 
the small things as the large ones.
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