[DWJ] Eating all the time...

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu May 17 13:45:49 EDT 2007

Deborah said...

>even though we *also* see thin people who eat
all the time and we just say to ourselves "how *does* she do
that? I'm so jealous!" and forget about it.

I've seen both sides of the weight thing in my family, and from my 
observation skinnies who "eat all the time" don't actually eat MUCH. A 
natural skinny usually eats slowly (and yes, I have watched quite a lot of 
them). Thus when the magic 20 minutes chips in, they are still halfway 
through a plate of food. Also, a natural skinny tucking into a cream cake 
will probably NOT eat lunch an hour later.  Those who put on weight more 
easily (again from observing family members) eat much faster, so when the 
magic 20 clocks in, they have already cleaned their plates and gone for the 
cake.  They are also able to eat that cream cake and then eat a full meal an 
hour later.  It's a fascinating study, and my daughter actually used it to 
change her tendency to put on weight easily. Once she realised WHY she was 
eating so much more than her brother, she slowed right down to make a clean 
plate coincide with the magic 20 instead of the dangerous 10. She's 
medium-sized now. I might add that part of her concern was (as Minnow says) 
that she was/is a young woman, but also because she's diabetic. Eating more 
slowly helps keep her carbohydrate level more even.  One complication about 
being a natural skinny is that metabolisms do slow down in middle age. The 
other is that being able to eat chips and cream cake etc without gaining 
weight might fool people into thinking the nat.skinny is fit, when in fact 
s/he probably isn't.

ODWJM Is Nina plump, or am I imagining it?


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