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It's  probably on a par with all those stories about libraries being
designed and  built without the weight of the books being taken into
consideration: I've  always found it difficult to believe that a qualified
architect, entrusted  with such a big project, would make what seems like
an obvious mistake, and  furthermore that nobody else would pick up on
it  either.

I *have* seen a new library built with an absolutely enormous  staircase in 
the middle of it, effectively deleting masses and masses of floor  space that 
could have been used for books. Seems just about as dumb to me.
Another thing I always wonder about is whether  most architects take into 
proper consideration the behavior of birds.  There's a new building going up near 
my son's school that has a roof in sort of  tiers (I'm explaining this very 
badly, because I can't quite  remember what it looks like, but I mean one part 
of the roof  overhangs another). The building is not even done yet, and 
already birds are  crowding in under the overhang to get out of the rain, and it's 
clear the lower  roof, which is meant to be a grand sight, is going to be 
perpetually  covered in bird poop.
Helen Schinske

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