[DWJ] Kate

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu May 17 11:35:46 EDT 2007

I don't think Kate was ever fat in tPG. The "new slenderness" is more about 
posture, I think. She used to slouch with tummy stuck out, now she doesn't.

BTW, if you wrote a fat child character who scurried about doing lively 
things, wouldn't that be falsifying reality a bit? Most fat kids I see (and 
I mean FAT, not just a little bit soft in the middle) move slowly. I often 
wonder which comes first... the speed or the shape. I was brought up on a 
farm, and you see the exact same thing in cattle. The fat cows are the slow 
movers (and often placid) while the skinny ones are always swishing their 
tails, marching about or cutting capers.  Skinny kids are often overactive, 
OTOH. In our three Jack Russell dogs (siblings) we have cranky little 
Tilly-Tump, (wiry and skinny), galloopy Jeanie B (lollopy and lean) and 
placid, companionable Preacher (who is - um - barrel-shaped). Guess Who 
swallows his food in three bites while the other two rush about looking for 
somewhere to hide theirs?

Placidity and plumpness often go together with animals, but not with humans, 
so perhaps metabolism works differently in different species.


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