[DWJ] Sacking the maids...

Nicholas Jackson nicholas at makyo.org.uk
Wed May 16 19:23:23 EDT 2007

scripsit Minnow ...
>Do you know, I simply don't believe this story for one moment?  No sergeant
>would allow it to happen.

No, it sounds rather implausible to me too, and I did check the
snopes.com urban legend archive before posting it, although to no avail.

It's probably on a par with all those stories about libraries being
designed and built without the weight of the books being taken into
consideration: I've always found it difficult to believe that a qualified
architect, entrusted with such a big project, would make what seems like
an obvious mistake, and furthermore that nobody else would pick up on
it either.

As you say, somebody would notice pretty quickly that a guard had been
assigned to a null duty - quite apart from anything else, the guards
themselves presumably talk to each other, and it would only take a couple
of conversations along the lines of "What're you down for tomorrow?"
"Oh, I've got that pointless courtyard detail again.  Erm... Sarge, why
exactly does that flowerbed need guarding all day?" before tactful notes
were sent up the chain of command and things were quietly sorted out.

>>Chrestomanci is not listed in either of the editions I've got a copy
>>of, I'm sorry to say.
>Surely that's not a position whose use is lost in the mists of antiquity?

Oh, pretty much all of the offices and positions are still extant and
quite a lot (but by no means all) of them have nontrivial jobs - the
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury is in there, for example.

Perhaps Chrestomanci was omitted in order to lessen the chance of readers
inadvertently summoning him.

et scripsit Sally Odgers ...
>Nicholas, where'd you come from?

Coventry.  Originally Nottingham, though, and then York for a few years.

>Are you - suspiciously - a LURKER???

Not a very good one, it seems.  I subscribed a few days ago, after
hearing from various people (Minnow, Colin and Roger in particular) of
the brilliant and articulate discussions herein (and so far I'm delighted
to say it's all been as advertised).  I'd intended to lurk quietly for
a while, but that hasn't been entirely successful.  I shall persevere :)


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