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You're  right, in fiction written before the present generation mothers are
not  supposed to have interests apart from their children because that  makes
them Bad Mothers. 

One of the reasons I so dearly love Juliana Ewing's _Six to Sixteen_ is  that 
it says the exact opposite: Eleanor's mother is considered to be wonderful  
precisely *because* she has so many scientific and artistic interests (and  
shares them with her children). She is of course modeled on Margaret Gatty,  
Ewing's own mother, who was internationally known as an expert on seaweeds, and  
as such was the subject of a family poem beginning "Oh, Gattys, go and call 
your  mother home,/At least in time for tea/The breakfast, lunch and dinner come 
and  go/Unheeded at the sea." A parody of something else, of course, but I've  
forgotten the something else.
Helen Schinske

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