[DWJ] Sacking the maids...

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed May 16 15:28:50 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:
> Mark Allums wrote:
>> Is this like the guy at one of the palaces of the British monarchy whose
>> job for generations was to stand at the foot of the stairs?  Presumably,
>> the original office duty was to warn people that the stairs were freshly
>> painted, or some such task.  It was a hereditary post.  It was abolished
>> only a relatively short time ago.
> Fascinating.  Can you dig up a source for this?  I doubt very much indeed
> that even the British, who are known to be mentally defective to such a
> degree that it's surprising that they still know how to breathe, would set
> up an hereditary post to warn people that paint in a particular place was
> wet, so there must be some other explanation, and I'd love to know what it
> was.
> Minnow

I'm quite sure of it, it was in the news at the time.  There was a 
flurry of tabloid journalism about the guy who was being sacked, and 
interviews about how he felt, what he was going to do next (they found 
him another post in the civil service, IIRC), etc.  I will try to see if 
any of it made the net.  It was during the very earliest phase of the 
web, if I recall correctly, so it might not be in a web news archive.

--Mark A.

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