[DWJ] Yarn and *VISITING*

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed May 16 14:24:20 EDT 2007

Sorry I was unable to reply earlier - it was for a number of reasons, 
most of them appropriately familial duty-related!


>OOoOOoooOoh!  Tell me where it is!  I didn't find any really good yarn
>shops during my six months in the UK.  I will probably be back for a
>visit in August and some yarn shopping may be in order.  I brought an
>entire suitcase full of yarn back from my last trip to the US, so a
>really good yarn shop could do nasty things to my excess baggage.

Charlie already directed you to the website, so there's no particular 
need to talk any more about the shop, but...  (Pretend I'm not doing 
this if necessary.  It's in a not terribly easily accessed part of 
Bristol, but the advantage is that they have tons of space, so it's 
beautifully open and spacious.  (The better for the 
hyperventilation.)  Of course, your suitcase will be a bit safer than 
when you went to the States, given the relative prices of yarn here 
and there, but you doubtless know that.  And lest anyone worry about 
the shameless exploitation, there's even coffee, tea and biccies out 
for poor accompanists like Charlie.  Nice shop!)

>Anyone up for another listmeet in the UK in August?

Oh, we should!  We'd get to see Norah!  Admittedly, August is tricky 
with a lot of people away at various stages, but a listmeet would be 
great.  Do you know your exact plans yet?


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