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Wed May 16 09:33:46 EDT 2007

On Wed, 16 May 2007, Minnow wrote:
> You're right, in fiction written before the present generation mothers are
> not supposed to have interests apart from their children because that makes
> them Bad Mothers.  Fathers on the other hand are expected to have interests
> apart from their children without that making them Bad Fathers; in fact, if
> they *don't* have interests apart from their children they are likely to be
> Bad Fathers, because if they don't go out and spend their time at work for
> eight hours every day, the family will starve.

Exactly!  And  this is why feminism ends up being equivalent to
bad motherhood -- until very recently, you could assume that any
woman who had interests outside the home was going to identify as
a feminist in some way or another. I can't think of too many
examples of the stereotyped bad mother whose interests outside
the home are sexually stereotyped as Not Feminist (ignoring her
children because she is shopping and playing bridge or
mah-jongg). Although there are plenty of examples of bad mothers
who are Not Feminist because even though they only have concerns
in the home, their concerns are all about appearances (what are
my children doing after school; what are their hobbies; what are
they wearing; who are their friends) instead of the actual
necessities of their children's lives.

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