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Wed May 16 09:13:46 EDT 2007

On Wed, 16 May 2007, Mark Allums wrote:
> [I thought of a better answer to this.  Well, not really.]  Let's just say 
> pride goeth before a fall.  So I've heard.  In theory.  I, uh, might be 
> capable of making a fool of myself.  It's happened before.  To other people. 
> Of my acquaintance.  In the past.  Distant past.  Prehistoric. 
> Paleolithic.  And it will never happen again.  Ever.  AT ALL.

Hey, I've made a fool of myself on *usenet*.  Which means the
posts are archived forever more, public, never to be scoured,
freely available to anybody who clicks the "groups" tab in

Luckily not under this email address!

(Actually I think I was once an idiot on childlit, and there's a
collection of people you don't want to make an ass of yourself in
front of.)

In plain then, what forbids he but to know,
Forbids us good, forbids us to be wise?   -- Paradise Lost

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