[DWJ] Sacking the maids...

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed May 16 06:02:08 EDT 2007

Mark Allums wrote:

>Is this like the guy at one of the palaces of the British monarchy whose
>job for generations was to stand at the foot of the stairs?  Presumably,
>the original office duty was to warn people that the stairs were freshly
>painted, or some such task.  It was a hereditary post.  It was abolished
>only a relatively short time ago.

Fascinating.  Can you dig up a source for this?  I doubt very much indeed
that even the British, who are known to be mentally defective to such a
degree that it's surprising that they still know how to breathe, would set
up an hereditary post to warn people that paint in a particular place was
wet, so there must be some other explanation, and I'd love to know what it


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