[DWJ] Sacking the maids...

Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
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Yeah, stuff like that. And measuring the distance between chairs, and all
the running around that all those people do just to take care of a very
small family.

(I've been thinking about your comments on why you lurk. There are lots of
very articulate people on this list and I am not one of them, as this post
proves. But I don't want to become a lurker. I must basically be a
loudmouth. Maybe I'm a loudmouthed frog. Remember that old joke? But Minnow
spits pebbles at people on this list so I can croak if I feel like it. I'm
rambling. It's the caffeine. I'll shut up now.)



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Juliette Curtis wrote:
> The servants at Stallery in CF live a very strange life. They are
> and required to perform tasks of mind-numbing pointlessness but they have
> certain kind of dignity.
> I have tried to make various wise comments about the contrast between
> dignity and their ridiculous way of life but my brain has gone numb.
> Juliette 

Is this like the guy at one of the palaces of the British monarchy whose 
job for generations was to stand at the foot of the stairs?  Presumably, 
the original office duty was to warn people that the stairs were freshly 
painted, or some such task.  It was a hereditary post.  It was abolished 
only a relatively short time ago.

--Mark A.

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