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>> If I remember correctly (and I may not), all the castle servants are
>> employees of the government.
> I suppose technically that would have to be correct, but don't you also get
> the sense that Chrestomanci/Millie choose them? And Joe Pinhoe isn't
> "interviewed" by a three-person interview panel according to Public Service
> recruitment procedures (she says, bitterly) but is told he's going to start
> work at the Castle by Gammer: "We've got you a job... You're going to go and
> be boot-boy to the Big Man". So I guess it's not entirely as cut and dried
> as them being government employees.
> J

Oops, sorry, hit send without adding my mea culpa that I got interrupted
while writing this and didn't fully consider my final sentence, but I guess
you all get what I meant! There should have been a "simply" in there, or


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