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> ODWJM. How do the servants in DWJ stack up? Most of them seem to have plenty
> of dignity.

I'm rereading Pinhoe Egg as we speak (literally). (Well, we're not literally
speaking, but I am literally reading Pinhoe Egg when I am not sending emails
to the list!)

It strikes me that the servants at Chrestomanci Castle are treated very much
as colleagues by Chrestomanci and Millie. Obviously, they're servants, but
they are highly regarded for their magical abilities. It seems to me about
as an egalitarian setup as you could hope to find in a master-servant
relationship. I'm just past the scene where Cat brings Syracuse back after
Syracuse lost a shoe due to Cat's magically making Syracuse tow Roger on his
bike. Cat is met by the united (and angry) front of Chrestomanci and Joss

"They were waiting side by side to meet him, looking as unlike as two men
more or less the same height could look... But they both looked powerful and
they both looked far from pleased. Cat could hardly tell which of them he
wanted less to meet."


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