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On May 15, 2007, at 9:00 PM, Judith Ridge wrote:

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> wrote:
>> Otter Perry wrote:
>>> Speaking of Authorial Comment, do other folk read Lemony
>>> Snicket?  I read an article when  it was announced the series
>>> was ending, so I went to the library and got the first three.
>>> I don't like them much.  And I'm not vastly amused by the
>>> Authorial Comments.
>> Ugh, yes.  I Lemony Snicket's Authorial Comments.  They are in fact 
>> what kept
>> me from ever reading beyond Book 1.  I found them all too-too 
>> self-consciously
>> clever and arch. I particularly disliked the ones where he explained 
>> the
>> meaning of words.  I mean, I know he thought he was being funny with 
>> the
>> definitions, but it seemed condescending towards the reader.  In 
>> fact, the
>> entire narrative style was condescending.

> I guess you'd have to say that this is a matter of taste. Obviously, 
> the
> tens of thousands of kids who love the books don't find it 
> condescending.
>  Authorial comment, it seems to me, is a technique you either can 
> accept or
> you loathe. I can't otherwise explain such polarised views on 
> (contemporary)
> books for children which employ it—Snicket, Despereaux, Clair de 
> Lune...

I don't necessarily object to authorial comment.  But I don't like 
Snicket's version.


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