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Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au
Tue May 15 22:16:01 EDT 2007

Greetings list!

As my swan song (I am changing jobs soon) I am going to be writing a feature
on The Worlds of Chrestomanci for The School Magazine, for our readers who
are about 11/12 years old. We are reviewing, with an extract (the scene
where Gammer grows herself into the bed) The Pinhoe Egg‹we review pretty
much every age-suitable new DWJ and last year I did a ³meet the author²
feature to accompany our Conrad¹s Fate review/extract, thus a different
³tack² this year.

Some of you will be familiar with the magazine, but most of you won¹t, so
here¹s the spiel:

Illustrated 32 page literary magazine for primary-school aged children
(Years 3-6, ages 8-12) published monthly (Feb-November) in four reading
levels. Been in continuous publication since 1916. Biggest publisher of
poetry for children in Australia. Focus on short fiction, poetry, plays
(when we can get Œem) and some non-fiction. Gave many an Australian
children¹s author and illustrator their break into publishing (Lilith
Norman, Robin Klein, Anna Fienberg, Kim Gamble to name but a few of the more
famous names).

Anyway, I am thinking about the approach I am going to take to the ³Worlds
of Chrestomanci² feature, and I would be really keen on any ideas you lot
have. Obviously, I will need to give a rundown on the ³mechanics² of the
Chrestomanci-verse‹the related worlds, who/what (the) Chrestomanci is, a
rundown on the books to date, but I also really want to give it as much of
the flavour of the books as I can. So, the cats will be there. Some of my
favourite examples of magic‹the shoes in Witch Week, Gwendolen and the
stained glass windows. Chrestomanci¹s dressing gowns...

What would YOU include in a piece that is designed to give young readers a
flavour of the books and entice them to read them?

Honestly, I am not asking the list to do my homework‹but with such a great
resource of fans to hand, I¹d be silly not to include the list in my

And if you want to know about me changing jobs, email me privately:
judith.ridge at gmail.com



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